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Apple Mail MBOX to PST Converter - Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

Apple Mail MBOX to PST Converter - Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003

"Mail Extractor Pro" is an outstanding Mbox to Pst converter, which converts Mbox files to Pst conveniently. Its inventive design really takes the pressure off such otherwise challenging job of transition between Apple mail and Windows Outlook.

The tool has an impressive quality of preserving data while transferring contents from Mbox to Pst, such as mails, contacts and all other elements. It makes sure every attachment, imbedded images, and other small details are thoroughly copied to new Pst files. Moreover, Pst files generated contain all text encoding so as to safeguard your non-English content of Mbox files.

To effortlessly move your contents from Apple mail to Windows Outlook, Mail Extractor Pro would be your safest best. And, here are the three top most traits why is it so.

60% reduction in total required time -

The tool is able to extract data from Mbox files significantly faster than the other tools. resulting in almost 60% faster speed.

99% Similarity Achieved -

Mbox to Pst conversion has to deal with change from Mac to windows, not mere the change of email clients. Thus, it can lead up to frustrating amount of data loss along the way. The ordinary tools don't have the tendency to create a similar copies of Mbox files. "Mail Extractor Pro" presents 99.9% accuracy of converted Pst files.

Simplification down from countless steps to just three

The tool most impresses by its increase in functionality and simultaneously by simplifying down the process through an intuitive GUI. The graphical wizard has been cut down to just one screen, and only 3 manual operations for users to perform.

Salient features


- You can filter folders based on emails, contacts, or calendar items

- Auto-loads Apple mail "mail" folder without you having to manually specify Mbox files

- Clear preview of your original folder hierarchy inside Mbox files, displays the number of items inside each folder, and ignores empty folder (if you want)

- Allows you to manually choose the location to save the converted Pst files

- A detailed log report of the process

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